Children and Strangers Security

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When we think of shopping, we think of all the area malls and the various eye-catching trinkets and what not in shopping centers. Along with distractions with our ‘to do’ list in our heads, we get preoccupied with carrying bags and scoping out other goodies. But with all the whirlwinds of diversions, we cannot put our guard down with who is scoping out our own children. To help with this with a guide will help parents to prevent their young from falling prey to strangers and child kidnappers in the busy hustle and bustle of shopping.

Most parents think childcare is a babysitting service. This is a misconception, as childcare is a profession as any other. There are so many important things to note about the challenging and rewarding career of being a childcare provider. Childcare is a business and the providers are professionals. The childcare providers will have rules, regulations, work schedules’ and pay rates for the care provided. The provider will take his/her own time to create a handbook, contract, and other details that help to foster communications and understanding.

This is the Personal Use package. This package comes with an eBook and a 11+ minute Tutorial Video.


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